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Microcinema League of Davis, CA

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My top 10 favorite Robotmedia movies [03 Dec 2007|12:39am]

Because last night was the Robotmedia Retrospective, I thought I'd write up my list of my top ten favorite Robotmedia movies.

My top 10 list in no particular order is:

"A Day in the life" by Gregory Smith (Top 5)
"Sleep Deprevation Sucks" by Joe Conte (Top 5)
"Console 2" by Same Track (Top 5)
"Balance" by Lenny Van Boven (Top 5)
"Big Fat Dead Lenny" by Lenny Van Boven
"A Day in the Life of Two Smokers" by Andrew Bell
"Love Story" by Matt Brewbaker (I thought it was a real trailer when I first saw it.)
"Life Metal" by... I can't remember.
"Sleepless on Sycamore" by Adam Burgett
And that movie Joe did about the dude in the dark using different sources of lighting. And the monster. (Top 5)

"Saga episode 2, part 2," "Man Vs. Beast 2," the second "Robo, Hobo & I" trailer, "Silly Melvile," "Noir Cigs," and "mon frere..." get honorable mention.

My top twenty gets rounded out by "Console," "Holdin' it Down," "Once" and "Nathaniel"
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Robotmedia, Davis: Retrospective [02 Dec 2007|11:15pm]

Last night was the Robotmedia Retrospective. It wasn't diverse enough to be a "best of" showcase or an accurate representation of what Robotmedia movies are & can be.

The movies shown were.

1. Nija Slayers
2. 3 Minute Mysteries
3. Viking in the Cupboard
4. Genre Lingerie
5. A Day in the Life of 2 Smokers
6. Journey of the Damned
7. Console
8. A Perfect Love
9. Holdin' It Down (I know it said differently, but that's what the youtube video is titled)
10. Wanderer
11. Kinopio

I thought the showcase was fun to watch, and the movies were good, but everything tended to be a little concentrated and a majority of the showcases, movies, filmmakers, and styles that made Robotmedia great were ignored.

And only a two movies in my top ten favorite Robotmedia movies were shown. I should post that list elsewhere.
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Robotmedia [25 Feb 2007|02:09am]

Yes, after talking with Adam, and barring some person a few years from now trying to revitalize it or some unknown entity snatching it up, it is safe to say that the next Robotmedia showcase is going to be the last Robotmedia showcase ever.

Which effectively ends the only regular venue for local moviemakers to showcase their under 5-minute work. What else is there? The Filmmaker's Ambition's showcase is only for members of the FA organization (which requires one be a student of UC Davis and a club member). The Asian American Association Film Festival is open to Asians or asian themed movies, and is a contest. And each of them occurs so infrequently as to be useless to most people.

Then there's the venues where you have to pay cash money to get in. But bleh.

What caused the end of Robotmedia can be debated, and should be since debate is fun, but the point remains Robotmedia is soon to be gone. (Good starting points for a debate: is there a lack of enthusiasm/support from the current/potential organizers, local filmmakers, audience)

So, yes, give it a proper viking funeral and let it go out in a blaze of glory by making a movie that you feel is fit to send off Robotmedia into oblivion.
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[13 Aug 2006|01:21am]

What're you all working on?
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[20 Jun 2006|01:23am]

Does the logo on these t-shirts seem similar to anyone?
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Thought I'd take the liberty of reposting this here. [05 Apr 2006|09:25pm]

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Any good film recommendations? [12 Feb 2006|11:22pm]

I'm itchin' to watch something good. The genre doesn't matter, please advise me. I don't know much about film.
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WANNA BE A ZOMBIE IN A 16MM HORROR FILM? [07 Feb 2006|12:32pm]

Matt Brewbaker is currently shooting a 21 minute horror movie in 16mm film, entitled "Lost in Zombieville." We are looking for dedicated people to be zombies. If interested, you will absolutely need to be free on the weekend AFTER President's Day weekend. Please contact me, the casting director, for more information.

Steven Wong
Lost in Zombieville
Producer/Casting Director
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[29 Jan 2006|03:51am]

Hey all you filmmakers, thought you might find this interesting: The Hollywood Experiment. It's a contest and attempt to make a movie through non-traditional means. Different filmmakers shoot and submit the scenese for a movie, the best one is used and then everyone shoots and submits what they think the next scene is.

They're hoping to complete an entire movie that way, a feature length movie made by 15 groups who have never met each other.

That's got to be insane, since you can't get the same characters in each scene. It's a continuous flow of characters and situations.
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From imdb.com [17 Jan 2006|02:26am]

Read this at the imdb.com news headlines and thought it was interesting. I wonder how elaborate it will be. And it's certainly something anyone could do. In fact, reading this, I think I might want to do a series of 1 minute long serials for my next few robotmedia movies. Complete with cliffhangers.

CBS To Launch One-Minute "Microseries"
CBS is planning to launch a one-minute-long "microseries" that will air during one of the commercial breaks in the 9:00 pm. hour every night of the week beginning Jan. 24. The series, titled The Courier, will be sponsored by GM's Pontiac division, and, according to the Wall Street Journal, "tells the story of a mystery man who races against time to uncover clues and rescue his kidnapped wife." The series is reportedly aimed at viewers who skip commercials with TiVo and other digital recording devices and also, because each episode will end with a cliffhanger, to draw viewers to sample the network's 9:00 p.m. programs.
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[15 Jan 2006|04:56am]

I went to the FA Films invitational showcase. It was better than I expected. There were a number of good movies which lacked polish but were fun to watch. Then there were a number of movies that were very pretty but lacked substance. And then there were the movies which were good but ran too long, lingering far more than I was comfortable with. I really got into some movies, but then they started to drag, wear out their welcome, until finally I just got bored. When your movie keeps going on and on about the same point, not introducing some new twist, then the continued elaboration of your point begins to taint the early victories that your movie had made. The 5 minute rule of Robotmedia is really making sense now.

Even the showcase itself, at almost 2.5 hours, felt like it ran a little long. Trying to hold momemtum in short film showcases is difficult because the momentum comes to a screaching halt everytime a movie ends and another one begins. Flow is destroyed rather easily.

There was one movie I liked all around. I liked the music video about blurry people, it was a good music video. I was also wholeheartedly enthused by the number of people who made movies that I had never seen a movie from before. There was some real creative stuff going on.

I'd go through every movie and explain what I liked and disliked except there were way too many of them and I didn't take notes to figure out what they all were. (Tell you what, if you tell me which one your movie was I'll write a short critcism about it.) Also, I wonder, when so many works were made by people just trying to produce something at all, does pointing out someone's flaws help? I could cry out "Derivitive!" out the wazoo, but if the whole impetuous behind the movie was to have fun and make a movie then hasn't the purpose behind the movie fulfilled? It would be like criticizing someone's sketchbook.

Although if the person puts their sketchbook out there for public consumption, then perhaps criticism might be warranted. I talked to one of the new FA guys at Applebees after the showcase and asked him what movies he had made. He admitted he hadn't made any, but was simply a critic. I tried to get him to actually criticize the movies made in the local Davis scene, with actual criticisms made available to the public. He held off, stating that he didn't want to be ostracized from the community. I tried to convince him that if he presented constructive criticism he should be fine. For without criticism how does an artist learn from their mistakes and come out with a stronger product?

I also talked to Adam about the possibilities that the three screens in the room provided for showcases, such as projecting movie information on the side screens so you don't have to play a title card before each movie.
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Tally HO! Fuckers! [04 Dec 2005|05:28am]

IFC (Independent Film Channel) is doing an amateur movie contest. 6 minutes max, winners get aired on the IFC channel. Voting done... oh just Go to the damn website. Now a cynical man could say they're doing this to get free content, but on the other hand it's national exposure on the same channel that is watched by people in the industry.
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[15 Jun 2005|05:35pm]

[ mood | fuckin' fantabuloso ]

everyone should come visit our neat website (http://www.geocities.com/sametrackpictures/)

and sign up and post on our awesome forum that has 6 members http://xsorbit28.com/users5/sametrackpictures/index.php

as you were

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Robotmedia, Davis: XIII [10 Jun 2005|05:15am]

It's been a while since the last showcase. Apparently Adam wanted a month off and it turns out that even with 8 officers the showcase can't happen if Adam isn't available. Yup, that's right, this year the showcase was entirely reliant on one man. Give him your appreciation folks, there would be no showcase without Adam.

God knows we tried. When we heard no showcase in May a few non-Robotmedia officer types (civilians) contemplated taking over the technical aspects of the showcase for a month but the idea was nixed by the Robotmedia officers. So instead we had to wait 2 months for a showcase. Personally this, and the Robotmedia time limit, signals to me that the area needs a second showcase. Robotmedia can't be the only game in town since TOO much material which isn't Robotmedia friendly just can't get exhibited. Also, it puts too much responsibility in Robotmedia's hands, responsibility it doesn't want. The only thing preventing a second showcase are "lack of venue, lack of people motivated to do something, and lack of projection equipment". One day though, one day...

Since this was the last showcase of the year shirts were only $2. I bought one and did not hold it up and laugh at all the people who paid $5 for it at earlier showcases. Mostly because I was scanning the audience for people who had been in my movies so I could give them SVCDs of the movies.

Onto the reviewsCollapse )
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The Missing Robotmedia XIII Intro [05 Jun 2005|03:28pm]

Due to some exporting issues, we were unable to show the intro to yesterday's Robotmedia showcase. (Ironically, James Mah previously wanted an intro displaying technical difficulties with the showcase.) Anyway, for a limited time, you can download it for viewing by right-clicking here.

A high resolution version will be available on the next Robotmedia DVD.

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[16 May 2005|03:40am]

If you sent notices to the Bee or SN&R about Robotmedia would they do anything about it? Reviewing the showcase doesn't really serve a purpose since there's only one showing of each showcase, so a review can't inform people about whether they should check the showcase out. Maybe they could do a story as a local art interest piece. SN&R has done articles about local filmmakers and that Solctice showcase held in some dude's backyard.

If Davis has a burgeoning filmmaking community why is it that Robotmedia is the only real game in town? Why aren't other people doing regular festivals or showcases? Why isn't anyone putting on showcases of their work? Where are the clubs, the organizations?

Why aren't there any filmmaking clubs in Sacramento for that matter? Is it so ridiculous a hobby?
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Robotmedia Davis XIII [20 Apr 2005|11:07pm]

The next and last Robotmedia showcase of the year will be on Saturday, June 4, at 8pm in Chem 194.
Someone was supposed to send out an official email yesterday, but didn't, so this is advance notice for everyone on Microcinema LOD, giving you a distinct and unfair time advantage over all other entrants.
The themes are "Escape" and "Daviswiki.org".
Be free.
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DAVIS Robotmedia showcase XII [30 Mar 2005|06:16am]

This is pretty long so we're doing this.Collapse )
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[19 Mar 2005|08:07pm]

has anyone posted a review of the last robot media? it would be awesome if someone would. i would... but i'm highly unintelligent about those things. :)
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[17 Mar 2005|05:22pm]

This isn't a comment on the Ringfest, but I told Sachi earlier in the year that it would be cool for robotmedia to do a 48-hour fest, sans prizes. In the spirit of the fest, it would be run with the 48-hour limitation in mind, meaning that mandatory themes, lines of dialogue, and props would only be given to teams 48 hours before the deadline.

Would this stop people from trying to submit movies they made for high school classes in 2000, or even college courses in 2005? (Lenny and Matt, I'm looking at you) Probably not.

I always want to reiterate that the point was to make movies FOR ROBOTMEDIA with the themes in mind, not to showcase something you just happened to make. (Sachi, James, others) If you have the time to make these other movies that have nothing to do with the themes, you have time to make a 3-minute piece dealing with the themes. And if your film actually did fit the theme but I mentioned your name, I apologize. I'm retarded.
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